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Why Adweb? We have the experience you need in FileMaker hosting, because we use it and work with it every day! The MacTalent site is powered by the FileMaker Pro database. The site is hosted on Power Macintosh G4 servers running Apache on Mac OS X. We use Lasso by Lassosoft as the scripting/middleware method to connect our HTML pages to FileMaker and MySQL databases.

We offer powerful, reliable and inexpensive hosting with FileMaker database support. For rates on hosting Filemaker, click here.

Designing with Lasso
Assistance with building your website with FileMaker and Lasso is available for $100/hour. Or let us quote you for building your entire web site. Our staff of graphic designers and database gurus are available to get your site up quickly with the minimum of hassle.

Filemaker/Lasso Hosting Support
For Filemaker 7 and 8 users, Filemaker 8 Advanced Server support with Lasso version 8.5 is available. For users of earlier Filemaker versions, we support Filemaker versions 4.0 through 6.0 and Lasso 3.6.

PHP and MySQL Hosting is also available.


Testing Your Solution
Sometimes in order to evaluate a potential new client's code and site, we have to stage a website and database on our servers to determine if it will operate as expected. There is a minimum $75 non-refundable charge for staging and testing, $25 of which is credited against the setup charge if you decide to use us as your web hosting service. You can download our credit card authorization form here.


One question we are often asked is, why do we charge per database? The reason is that Filemaker Pro only allows 100 databases to be open on one server. (Versions 4 through 6 are limited to 50 databases). Once we have 100 files open, we have to buy a new server to host additional sites. If you have a large database application and/or expect heavy traffic, it's often more economical to have a dedicated web server. We offer server co-location services. We can provide full service server installation, setup and management of your database-driven website from $300/month, depending on services required and traffic. Ask us for a quote. Leasing options for servers are available.


For free and friendly help with your FileMaker or Lasso questions, join the Lassosoft listserv and post your questions there. There are lots of knowledgeable folks who will answer your questions quickly.