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Before Mailpure, our users constantly complained about junk mail. Since we started using Mailpure, our junk level has dropped to virtually zero. And on the rare occasion the system does "catch" some mail we actually want, it learns automatically not to block anything from that sender in the future. Sweet!

George, Miami FL




Mailpure Managed Spam and Virus Blocking Service

Spam and viruses account for over 90% of all e-mail traffic today. The cost to individuals and employers is significant due to lost productivity while users download and wade through the neverending influx of junk mail.

ADWEB has found the solution and is proud to offer MailPure, a managed spam and virus filtering service. The advanced MailPure filtering service blocks 99.8% of all spam for the typical domain at the server level, so you never see junk mail in your inbox! MailPure differs from basic spam filters in that it is a "managed service" which means the service is run by industry professionals who continually monitor and adjust the filters to stop spam and viruses before they reach your Inbox.

Included with the managed service is a web-based account where you can review all messages that have been blocked. Also, if a message does slip through you can forward it to a special e-mail address so it can be analyzed and added to the filtering logic. Customer support is available via e-mail and telephone as well. Best of all, there is a FREE 30-Day - no obligation trial period!

Click here to get started with the FREE 30-day trial.

Features & Benefits:

  • Highly advanced Spam & Virus filtering service
  • Managed service by leading industry specialists
  • Server-side filtering - messages do not show up in your inbox!
  • Blocks 99.8% of spam with virtually no false positives!
  • 5 levels of virus protection including dual virus scanners run on every message
  • One click reprocessing and reporting of false positives
  • Web interface to review blocked messages Example 1 Example 2
  • E-mail support address to forward spam messages
  • Outstanding customer support via e-mail and telephone
  • Cost effective - improves employee productivity
  • FREE 30-day trial - no obligation!


    Contact us by email or call 305.256.7575 for a quote for your specific application and to establish a free trial.