Windows Outlook Express Mail Settings

Under the Tools menu, choose Accounts

If the account exists click Properties, else click Add

Enter your name. Click next.

Enter your complete email address including domain name. Click Next

Enter as your POP Server

In most cases enter the SMTP server of your internet provider. If not known or not available you can see the section at the end entitled Authentication.

Click Next.

Enter your full email address in the Account name section and they password agreed upon. Click Next.

At the next prompt enter "Connect via LAN".

Your are finished. Now if you check the properties they should look as below.


If your ISP does not require authentication, then leave your settings as below.

If you are told to use (or as your SMTP server then you must click My Server Requires Authetication on the Servers tab, and then ensure that you click the Settings button next to it and the settings should be as below.

Click the Settings button and check "use same settings as my incoming mail server"


If your Internet provider blocks relaying to another SMTP server on port 25, you may be told by ADWEB to use port 587. You will find the port choice on the Advanced tab (Outgoing mail (SMTP). Only use this if instructed to do so by ADWEB.