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Establishing a website is a good start to promoting your business. But it does nothing for you if no one sees it. So include funds in your budget to promote the site. And make sure to place your URL (web address) on your business cards, brochures, advertising, letterhead, invoices etc.

Once your website is complete, you will want to submit it to search engines so that people surfing the web will find you. Adweb can help here, setting up your web pages for optimal visibility, then submitting your site to the key search engines like Yahoo, Altavista, Hotbot and so on.

The Internet has spawned its share of scams, and search engine placement companies rank high here. There are many companies that circulate bulk email advertisements for their search engine placement services. They make exaggerated claims for their capabilities, claiming they can get you in the top 10. They often require you to phone them, they don't provide websites or email addresses. Beware of these scam artists who want to take your money and then disappear. We are not aware of any reputable company who operates in this manner. They may offer guaranteed results, but try to find them when you want to take them up on their money back offers!

The fact is, as the number of companies on the web grows exponentially, it becomes harder and harder to get in the "Top Ten" of search engine placements. Our procedure is to optimize pages, then submit sites, and follow up regularly to ensure that sites show up. Sometimes it takes several months for sites to show up, due to the deluge of requests for site submission. We do not guarantee results as much of this is out of our control, but we do keep up with search engine technology and apply the latest "tricks of the trade" to maximize the possibility of your site being prominent in search engines.

That is why we recommend to clients to combine search engine placement with traditional marketing, print ads, press releases and so on to ensure that you reach as many prospects as possible.

You may consider placing banner ads on websites where potential customers might be found. Adweb can design eye-catching animated banners for placement on these sites. We can also negotiate ad rates for you if desired.